About us

Back in 2007, a local family decided to start a  chocolate workshop which  today has become The locally famous brand : Chocolates Kaokao.  At that time, Chocolates Kaokao  was the first company to focus on cacao bean, as a Mayan legacy for the world.

Still very small and very cozy and unique place, the Kaokao Chocolate factory has remained today  the only local chocolate Factory in the Island; but has inspired many other companies to make visitors discover and experience cacao and chocolate through creative activities for chocolate lovers .

We have created several partnerships and have shared our knowledge with other local touristic attractions to create original and fun chocolate tours.

Our mission is to  offer  you the full range of all local chocolate tours. From workshops to factory tours, even wine and Tequila chocolate pairing  activities!

When booking any of those tours, you indirectly are supporting Mexican cacao farmers from the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas and Tabasco. these are the cacao production`s  regions in Mexico, and represent less than 5% of the world cacao production.

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